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Self Adhesive Vinyl

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Decorative Pattern Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self Adhesive Vinyl  is easy to use and is not limited by tools. With a pair of scissors, you can cut into the shape you need.

Grain adhesive snake, pattern, cloth art grain adhesive and other different grain. This is a new process of production, wide range of applications, easy to use, do not need equipment, directly paste it. You can tear it off when you don't need it. With a wide range of use, mainly used in car body, cups, outdoor, desktop, walls and other places, other metal and wood surface ceramic surface leather surface, It has a very wide range of USES.

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Product Introduction

This is a new product of our company, with various specifications and lines. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

The specifications are 50cm*25m / roll, 61cm*25m / roll and 30cm*12.5m/roll.

It will be released soon, including different specifications of 30cm * 20cm, 50cm * 30cm, and other specifications will be launched in succession.

There are different patterns of cloth, snake skin, tiger, leopard and beast.

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